Mykines Overnight


  • Blend in with the locals and the puffins and enjoy the tranquility of Mykines Island in the evening.
  • You arrive in Mykines late afternoon with the boat Jósup. Your local guesthouse hostess and guide Oda will meet you by the boat and take you to the guesthouse.
  • Here you will enjoy dinner in an old house dated 1895, one of the oldest houses in the village of Mykines. There are only 50 houses and 15 all-year-around inhabitants on Mykines Island. In the summer, there are 30-40 people on the island after the last ferry has left.
  • You will experience the calmness and stillness of the island. Hear the birds singing, the river run through the village and the sheep calling for their lambs. Hear the roaring waves and stroll through the village in the quiet evening.
  • After dinner, we will bring coffee and sweets with us and go on an evening hiking tour to meet and greet the puffins and the gannets and see the sunset. Remember that we have light until 11pm in the evening in the summer in the Faroe Islands.
  • You will sleep in cosy double rooms on the first floor under the ceiling in the guesthouse. The standard is B&B.
  • In the next morning we will have breakfast and take a stroll trough the village and down to the ocean or one more tour to see puffins and birds on the edge before you sail back to Sørvágur with the morning ferry.

Tour details

Sail from the harbour in Sørvágur at 16.20 with the boat Jósup and arrive in Mykines at 17.00. On the boat trip, you see the scenic Tindhólmur and Drangarnar up close and the sail alongside the westside of Mykines Island is just stunning.

You will be accommodated in one of the oldest houses on Mykines Islands called “Á Lonini” dated 1895. This was the first guesthouse on Mykines Island. You will enjoy dinner here, before the evening hiking tour to see sunset and puffins.

We walk up to the puffin land in the evening, where there will be few or no other people. We find a good spot to see and hear puffins and sunset, if the skies are clear. We bring coffee and sweets. When the sun is set, we stroll back to the village and get at good nights sleep.

For breakfast we will have eggs from the farmer on Mykines Island and home baked bread. The dinner and the evening sweets will also be homemade by your host.

Optional Extras

Optional Extras - Helicopter Charter

Optional Extras - Transport

Transport from Tórshavn to Sørvágur Ferry
190 kr. per person each way.